Portfolio #2




Music works creations for advertising,corporate,commercial use.
These tracks are perfect for promotional videos, commercials, advertisements, movie trailers, film scores, TV ads, YouTube videos, corporate presentations, and much more!
All tracks are available in many versions and edits, 30 sec-60 sec-underscore-no drums e.t.c.

Epic Adventure


Inspiring Indie Rock Song


Upbeat & Uplifting Energetic Pop

Rock Ident #5


Dramatic Logo


High Hopes and Inspiring Corporate

Summer Energetic & Upbeat

Corporate Inspiring and Uplifting

(Sting Version)

Inspiration Ambient (alternative version)


Inspiration Ambient


Cinematic Dramatic Logo Ident


Life Is Beautiful

Rock Ident #6


Dancing and Inspiring Corporate

(underscore version)

Relax and Ambient



Relax and Dreaming

Children Play

Corporate Inspiring and Uplifting (alternative version)

Inspiration Ambient Ident Logo


Africa Percussion Song

Mother Africa

Funny Puppy


Relax and Ambient Ident


Rock Ident #4


China Music Zhong Hu





for more info about licensing and more music:

email: chrisane@otenet.gr

phone:+30 (GR) 6972 090 726

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