Christos Anestopoulos QUARTET (ENG)

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Christos Anestopoulos Quartet


Christos Anestopoulos – guitar,compositions

David Lynch – Sax

Vasilis Stefanopoulos – double bass

Vasilis Podaras – drums


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The Christos Anestopoulos quartet was formed in 2015 recording the second album of Christos “wish you where here…” and presenting the project in various stages and festivals.

In January 2018 they started recording the new material for the upcoming album DEJA VU.

The compositions and the music is based entirely on the sound of this specific acoustic quartet with saxophone, classical guitar, double bass and drums and it combines strong melodic lines from various styles such as classical, jazz and folk music.

With their music they create a dreamy, ethereal and atmosphere which leaves the audience with a positive and happy experience but some times also melancholic and very esoteric and deep.









Improvisation is a very basic element in the music the four of them create and it used in a way that each performance of the group is different and unique.









The Quartet is going on tour in 2019 , presenting the music of the DEJA VU.

The CD will be out the same year.

The album is a available in all streaming platforms like Spotify,Apple Music,Google Play etc.


Booking the quartet and more information.


phone: +30 6972 090726 (GR)

+31 6291 73147 (NE)




more info at


send email to quartet






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